Codul deontologic al bibliotecarului din România-versiunea în limba engleză

24 ianuarie 2008 la 3:22 pm | Publicat în deontologie | Un comentariu


Art. 1 This Code of Ethics represents the way the librarians’ community in Romania assumes a professional behavior in accordance with international standards.
Art. 2 In order to assure a high standard for the provided services, consolidate the statute and promote a positive image of the library professions, librarians in Romania are called to follow the moral and professional rules included in this code.
Art. 3 Moral and professional responsibilities for librarians to be brought about in the case of this code provisions inobservance.

Art. 4 The main duty of librarians is to comply with the needs for reading, studying, information and documentation of the community they serve, and to actively militate for integrating the library into the community life. In that, librarians make use of their professional knowledge and all the means they have to provide services in real time, locally and remote, at the highest standards.
Art. 5 Librarians are constantly preoccupied with improving the existing services and developing new ones, according to the users’ information needs, permanently changing and diversifying.
Art. 6 Librarians contribute to preservation of cultural diversity and heritage of the society, by providing preservation, conservation, development and valorization of documents collections and information, managed no matter their medium.
Art. 7 Librarians fulfill their duties in conditions of full professional autonomy and with respect for the freedom of expression principles, free access to information and free circulation of ideas and information. For the purposes of this Code, professional autonomy is understood as freedom of action and opinion for librarians, limited only by legal dispositions or regulations applicable to the profession.
Art. 8 In practicing their profession, librarians pursue respect of intellectual property and copyright, in accordance with the present legislation. At the same time, librarians take action against all tendencies for censorship and freedom of information restriction, using every means at their disposal.
Art. 9 The relationship between librarians and users is based on mutual respect, with no discrimination caused by nationality, race, social statute, political opinions, religious options, sex or age.
Art. 10 Librarians behavior should promote a positive image of the profession, in all circumstances.
Art. 11 Librarians encourage users’ autonomy concerning the access to libraries’ resources, by promoting the open library concept and by providing assistance in the process of learning and improving the information retrieval techniques.
Art. 12 Librarians guarantee the strict confidence for users’ personal information they administrate and respect for their right to intimacy.
Art. 13 In order to fulfill successfully their professional duties, librarians are permanently renewing their professional knowledge, by participating in courses for continuous education, scientific events, activities organized by professional associations, study and documentary visits etc. For this purpose, librarians are in title of financial support from the employing institution, in accordance with legal provisions for continuous education.
Art. 14 Librarians must notify the tutelary authority when its policy is in contradiction with current legislation, with the objectives of the institution, and with the present Code of Ethics.
Art. 15 The relationships between librarians, both at inner-institutional and inter- institutional levels goes by the principles of mutual respect and cooperation, with the purpose of supporting of common professional values and fulfilling major objectives of the profession.
Art. 16 The present Code of Ethics has been elaborated by the Romanian Library Association and comes into effect on 1st of January 2008.

Translated from Romanian by Anca Râpeanu and Corina Apostoleanu


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