Granturi EIFL pentru proiecte inovatoare ale bibliotecilor publice

9 mai 2011 la 10:08 pm | Publicat în biblioteci publice, granturi, proiecte | Lasă un comentariu

Asociaţia noastră a fost contactată de conducerea EIFL, care ne-a adresat rugamintea de a disemina informaţiile de mai jos: 

EIFL-PLIP is pleased to announce a call for concept papers from public libraries in countries with emerging and developing economies.  This Call will focus on the replication of services from projects funded in the first round  of EIFL-PLIP.  The proposed concept papers can be either for new activities/services or to strengthen/extend a service/project which the proposing library is already running.  Applicants are invited to develop and adapt services to their local context.
The successful concept papers will involve public libraries providing a service in one of the four following service areas in meaningful partnership with relevant bodies:
·         Support for children and youth at risk
·         Support for farming and farmers
·         Provision of health information
·         Improving people’s employment prospects.
The deadline for all concept papers is 30th June 2011. Twenty small grants of up to $15000 [USD] each will be awarded at the end of October 2011 for work to be done during the following 12 months.
For more information on the Call and how to apply, go to

We are seeking your help in circulating the call to libraries and librarians and encourage them to apply.

Thank you for your help in circulating this information. Please contact us if you have any queries.

With warm regards
Breda Karun


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